The Civil Marriage Process in The Gambia

1. Collection of Civil Marriage Form at the cost of D500.00 which must be submitted at least two weeks before the proposed marriage date.

2. Submission of properly completed Civil Marriage Form together with the following documents:

a) Photocopies of passports of intending spouse (or ID Card/s if Gambian Citizens)

b) One passport size photograph for each applicant

c) A Bachelor/Spinster Certificate (D5,000.00) for the Gambian Citizen or:

- Divorce Certificate where either party is a divorcee

- Death Certificate of former spouse where either party is a Widow or Widower

3. Civil Marriages are conducted in the mornings from 9AM - 10AM except otherwise determined by the Registrar of Marriages

4. Parties with confirmed dates must come for swearing in and payment of requisite marriage fees at least 24 hours before the date of marriage.

5. One the day of the marriage, parties must not be accompanied by more than five people (including the photographer) into the premises of the Marriages Registry.

Parties must not be accompanied by drums and sirens into the premises of the Registry.

8. Where a Divorce/Death Certificate is in a language other than English, a certified translation of the document must be provided.

9. The marriage fee is as follows:

a) Where both parties are either citizens of The Gambia or of Ecowas - D6,500.00

b) Where one party is either a citizen of The Gambia or a citizen of Ecowas and the other party is neither a Gambian nor a citizen of Ecowas - D15,000.00

c) Where both parties are neither citizens of The Gambia nor citizens of Ecowas - D20,000.00

10. A fee for the Marriage Registrar to be present at the Wedding Venue outside of Marriages Registry - D3,000.00


Source - MOJ of The Gambia